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Logo Thursday: Pan American Game Releases 2015 Logo

30 Sep Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 2.35.49 PM

Today, while looking thru the Blogs I subscribe to, I found this sweet Logo for the Pan American Games. The Pan American Games is a multi-sport event between competitors from all nations in Americas, held every four years in the year before the summer Olympic Games. The games were last held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007. The next will be in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2011, followed by the 2015 games in Toronto, Canada. (From Wikipedia.) Yesterday saw the unveiling of the Toronto 2015 logo. source.


WEBSITE (love the repeating logo in the background):


Logo Thursday: Signatures

30 Sep dfa3da855e50fe9a228bc302e1c396ec

Happy Thursday Everyone!!
I LOVE me some logos with Signatures :) I’m just a huge “script” fan and love how a signature bring an instant unique quality to it plus makes it really personal.

These logos were found via Logopond.

I Want That! Wednesday: FREE Clock Screensaver

29 Sep clock-screensaver-1

Check out this sweet Clock Screen Saver for you computer. I love it!! and It’s FREE!! It’s from REAL SIMPLE and you can download it here as well as check out the instructions for it.

I Want That! Wednesday: Unique Rings, etc.

29 Sep

Wow…just founds these and was blown away!! They are made from real silver/pearls but have been oxidized to make the silver dark. I love it!! Also LOVE the shapes and chains, etc. They are all handmade by MarKhed Design. Just a FEW of my faves below…

Missing my Swiss Papi

28 Sep Mom and Pap Outside

Hello everyone! I don’t plan on posting stuff that’s too personal or too depressing on my blog, however I’d REALLY like to honor my father-in-law today, Mike Rohr. He battled cancer and “lost” 3 yrs. ago from today. We know he’s in Heaven with Jesus now and that’s awesome, but we just really, really miss him. He affected SO many people so deeply while he was here. He was one of the few gentle, loving and wise Christian men I’ve ever known. If you have a minute check out this video below to get to know him better.

Color Trends Tuesday: Inspired by Fabric

28 Sep Color-7

Check out these BEAUTIFUL color combos I found from these amazing items in Aggie Ray’s little shop.

Business Card Monday: QR Codes??

27 Sep reblis-business-card

So, this AM, I wanted to smack ya with some awesome Business Cards with those crazy QR Codes…have you heard of them? I know you’ve seen them! They are little square barcodes you can have link to a website, phone number, text, etc. Pretty sweet, especially for business cards. I just created a few for myself. Also…the last card below doesn’t have the QR Code but it’s another example of how to design a card with several social media links…it’s modeled after the Moleskin Notebooks.

HEIDI ROHR DESIGN (not a business card, btw)





source. (sorry, it’s a blurry pic)

Snapshot Sunday: ME :)

26 Sep DSC_0639

Ok so I’ve been debating if it’s “VAIN” to post pics of myself but…I really want to help support my sis in law’s Photography Business. She’s been doing it for years but is getting back into the game seriously now. She took a bit of a break while having babies, etc. She’s incredible and SO passionate at what she does. She’ll make you feel totally comfortable and is SO easy to work with. Of course I love her!! Check out her site here.

This pics were taken today! We had so much fun :)

Office Space Saturday: DREAM Desks

25 Sep img67l

Does anyone else LOVE West Elm?? I sifted through a few of their desks and these were me top 2 faves!! The first one is the Bond Desks + Wedge Unit. I LOVE that it has two main work surfaces. I’d use one for my computer and one to sketch ideas out on :) Plus, this desk has some very sleek drawers that aren’t bulky looking.

The 2nd Desk I LOVE is smaller and a bit more squared which I also like a lot, Parsons Desk with Drawer. The BEST part is that this desk comes in 6 colors…the mustard yellow and the green and also the white are for sure my top FAVES!! What do you guys like?

Office Space Saturday: Aeron Chair

25 Sep Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 10.03.23 AM

Happy Saturday Everyone!!
Ok…so I originally saw this chair featured on another designer’s blog, and was very intrigued with how much it helps her back problems. Now, I don’t have back problems yet, but since I sit down at my computer 12+hrs a day…someday I might develop some issues. In that case, I wanted to feature the Herman Miller Aeron® Chair. You can see all the specs here.


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